Absolute respect for deadlines determines the security of the investment.

DESCRIPTIONTOTALAnalysis and planningDesignConstructionAuthorization
RSA 80/120 beds32 Months3 Months9 Months15 Months5 Months
Renovation Existing building to be used for RSA36 Months6 Months9 Months16 Months5 Months

1. Analysis and planning

  • Comparison with the customer on which are the preferred destinations with relative preventive cost analysis
  • On-site location search
  • Due diligence and urban technical verification
  • Feasibility study
  • Drawing up of the outline plan-volumetric plan
  • Possible presentation of a draft agreement with the Public Administration

2. Design

  • Identification of the Design Studio
  • Joint comparison with the client on the technical/architectural characteristics of the RSA
  • Presentation of documentation and obtaining building permit
  • Preparation of the executive project documentation and everything necessary for the tender and assignment of the works
  • Identification of the General Contractor and signing of the contract
  • Delivery of Works

3. Construction

  • Start of work
  • Third party inspection service as a body accredited according to UNI CEI EN17020 in the field of building construction and plant verification
  • Control of the progress of the work and compliance with deadlines and quality
  • Monthly check of the accounts issued by the Contractor
  • Drafting S.A.L. as contractually agreed
  • Market research for supplies such as furniture, kitchens, special furniture etc.
  • Management of relations with Municipalities for Conventions, social meetings for project presentation to the Community
  • End of work

4. Authorization

  • Testing
  • CPI Fire Prevention Certificate
  • Obtaining certification of usability
  • Request for authorisation to operate from the relevant bodies
  • Technical inspections ASL/VVF/Arpa/Region/ Miscellaneous Authorization for RSA accreditation

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