Study on the levels of need of RSA in Italy, related to the offer

Need analysis Services and gaps for non-self-sufficiency: residential, home care, carers Resources managed by public entities and those managed by households The critical points of the...


Forecasting investment needs in the RSA sector and economic sustainability of operators.

The senior housing & care market is very attractive in European countries that are experiencing an increase in the average age of the population and life expectancy. Especially Germany and France...


The restart of the real estate market starts with the new RSA.

The covid-19 has not affected the need for beds in social care residences for the elderly, it is pushing even more specialized companies to invest in these facilities, which in future years there...


The market of Seniors' Residences according to the article of the SUN 24 hours.

According to the study, this alternative real estate asset is low risk and gives good returns of 6-7% for a sector that could attract investments in new facilities for 15-20 billion by 2035.


Special Covid-19: Study on air conditioning systems and the risk of contagion.

Do room terminals have to be switched off or can they be kept on?A few hypotheses, starting with the case of the common flu.  Description of how the virus is spread by addressing in general terms the ...


The electrical risk in medical premises

Specific knowledge of the systems and equipment in order to be able to assess: the extent of the risk; the danger of macro and microshock; the type of intervention to be carried out; the...


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